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Originally Posted by oddbox83 View Post
I watch things on it. I don't play with it. That was when I bought it. But OK, if you want to believe it's an endless fiddle, go ahead.

Fair play to you for wanting someone to come in and get it right for you. I've no issue with that, everyone is different! I'd go for it in a shot if it was cheaper and more readily available locally where I live, and maybe one day soon I'll justify the expense anyway to myself. Doesn't make your TV and opinions more worthy than mine though. That's what gets to me when some on these forums suggest that.
If that's you're thinking, then that's sounds like insecurity on your part with your opinion and the continuing replying back with stating your point of view again and again seems to indicate that. With that said, agree to disagree and I'll leave it that that.
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