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Nice thread and pics! These speakers definately deserved some recognition. I am limited to only having heard the Focus series...particularly the 220 II and the 140, so I can only comment on them. They were paired with Krell stereo amplification...model number is uncertain. I would describe both of them as being very pleasant sounding and coherent throughout the entire range, with an ease about thier presentation. They just sound amazing with stringed acoustical instruments. Naturally, the 220s had better extension with the bass guitars than the bookshelves but the 140s were no slouch by any means.

These speakers really shine playing a wide variety of music. I demo-ed alot of classic rock, blues and a little metal. Jimmy Page's solo in "Stairway to Heaven" was killer on the 220s but it was the intro that showed the warmth and detailed nature of these speakers. Female vocals had such silky smooth and airy top end without any hint of harshness whatsoever. Probably due to those excellent tweeters the dyns use. No, I didn't try any Janis Joplin either. I don't think many speakers can handle her. I did listen to some of the wife's Pink and Fleetwood Mac and was very impressed when highs were reached. Whitney (pre-crack) would probably be the best test with high notes as well as some Mariah. Maybe I'll burn a few of thier songs before my next trip up there. Metallica's ..."And Justice for All" never sounded better with the double bass drums pounding and those insane guitar solos. Awesome stuff!! I even listened to some classical that the store owner reccomended. Wow! The way each instrument seperated from one another, not overpowering each other was beautiful. It gave me chill bumps. I tried to stay calm so that I could properly judge them without pysching (sp?) myself into thinking these were the best speakers in the world. I went back and forth with the Dali Helicons, giving them a fair comparison. The Dalis did exceptionally well with softer rock with acoustical tracks but it was the heavy and "meatier" stuff that the Dynaudio had them beat. The Dyns did well with both but really outshined Dali in the classic/hard rock department, IMO.

I noted that they also seemed to have wide fulfilling soundstage, so placement shouldn't be difficult. The room just filled up with sound...even with the 140s. It was a fairly large demo room with acoustical panels all around. it was much bigger than my area, so I could probably settle with the 110/140s for a front end (for now). Being as I will be incorporating it into a 5.1 setup, I just may go that route. I just loved those 220s with 2 channel. Maybe if I can designate a listening room with just a 2 channel setup and some monoblock amps, I will do that someday.

These speakers pretty much handled everything I threw at them with ease. They are truly amazing. I feel like I left some details out but it's kinda difficult to describe ,in words, the sonic characteristics of loudspeakers. I would suggest to those who are considering purchasing a musical set of floorstanders, to step outside of the box and give the Dynaudios a listen. They just might suprise you.
Thanks for the informative post gamebred. The Focus series is actually the most famous and top selling series for Dynaudio. They are not the most linear of Dynaudio speakers but are really fun.
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