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Originally Posted by BleedOrange11 View Post
Interesting opinion. What did Nemo do well that most other 3D movies don't?

Personally, I didn't see any interesting 3D story-telling in Nemo. It certainly wasn't bad, but to me, it looked like they just re-rendered the models in 3D. Camera movements and story-boarding were pretty 2D-like, which wasn't unexpected. They didn't do anything special with the 3D, and it didn't heighten the story experience much compared to the 2D, which also isn't necessarily a bad thing. It seemed more like just special treatment for a classic 2D movie.

My current ultimate example of 3D story-telling would be Hugo. I don't think anyone watching in 2D can fully appreciate the tone of the scenes without all the clever pop-outs and striking depth and conversions of old Méliès footage. The way that the characters move in 3D space is great, as are the longer shots and intricate set pieces. Everything DreamWorks does has a big benefit from being seen in 3D as well.
Agreed re Hugo, it is probably the only film I have seen where the 3D was used to tell the story.

As for Nemo supposedly doing it. How does a film that was totally conceived & created in 2D 10 years ago use 3D to tell the story 10 years later, when nothing about the film was changed apart from a re-render into 3D.....
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