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From the sheltering confines of the anemone, to the vibrant coral reef, to the vast and frightening open ocean by the "dropoff", the distance between a killer shark (and later a giant whale), to the prison of the aquarium, the dangers of mines and jellyfish and the joys of riding a current, space and spatial relations are a major storytelling element of Nemo and how it was staged. The 3D takes what was already there and amplifies it and enhances it. As good as it already was, it's simply a much better film in 3D.
I'm not having a go at you, I love Nemo it is a fantastic film. But after seeing both Sammy films the quality of the 3D in Nemo just pales by comparison. What could've (should've) been a similar amazing 3D experience just does not happen. The ocean environments in Sammy go on for miles, the ones in Nemo have barely any depth what so ever. While I love Nemo as a film (and it is certainly better than both Sammy's as a movie) the 3D is not even in the same boat (pun intended.
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