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Originally Posted by Paul H View Post
What was changed was Nemo's world. Living space via 3D opening up to a universe-like environmental feeling. The 2D version may have been created about "10 years" ago, but it's is about 100 years later since "Méliès footage" was made and converted for Hugo's production.
I wasn't talking about the Melies footage, that is what 1 minute of the film?

The entire film is made better by the fantastic 3D. You can't even compare the depth and environments of Hugo with those of Nemo as there just is no contest. Nemo has average depth at best and NO popouts whatsoever when the material is clearly screaming out for it in a lot of scenes. I found myself almost willing things out of the screen in Nemo, but it just never happened and it should've on many occasions.
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