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Originally Posted by Khronikos View Post
PFFT boring my ass lol.

I guess solid entertainment these days means weak script and bad acting with little humor.
The irony being, the first movie isn't really that good.

I'm not sure why Predators is so much worse to so many people. It's a decent movie, might even be stronger as a film (it's been awhile since I've seen the original). Arnold's charisma and the introduction of one of the coolest, most badass creature designs in cinema, along with an awesome main music theme, are the reasons why it's a cult classic. Predators doesn't have the makings of a cult fandom, but it has a little more going on, and more emotional substance. I'm sure I'll get attacked for having that opinion. To be fair, I do need to revisit McTiernan's film, but while I liked it, I was never crazy about it.

Originally Posted by tyrok View Post
I wouldn't bet on it. Fox is probably more likely to put both trilogies in a single box set before Dark Phoenix than to put out singles for the first 3.
Wrong thread?
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