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Since the aspect ratio of 2.35:1 (or 2.39:1 AKA Scope) is wider than the 16:9 televisions virtually most people here are accustomed to, the horizontal resolution is still the same as the source (1920 pixels for blu rays). Typically a 2.35:1 image should have around 800-820 vertical pixels depending on the exact shape (817 is the closest to 2.35:1 IMO).

The blu ray format is done for non-anamorphic applications, the 2.35:1 movies do not have a resolution of 1920x1080, unlike DVDs that do it with 16:9 and 4:3, which both version have a native resolution of 720x480, although the image on both were never square if you were to show it in it's native form. It's why you never see DVDs done in a 854x480 resolution. There is still a lower resolution with 2.35:1 content however.

If blu rays were done on an anamorphic format to accomodate the new 21:9 panels and CIH Anamorphic lens sets, scope films would have used the full 1080p signal from the blu ray. They won't do it since to make blu ray anamorphic would be to require every blu ray player (even old discontinued ones) to be updated to function under the new anamorphic blu rays. It would be a hellstorm to make everyone agree to.

The only possible way to get the anamorphic HD movies is through PC, and virtually all the content is online, often in pirating/torrent websites. Often you can get better results by going for 2560x1080 video files, and 1920x810 movies stretched with an Anamorphic lens looks perfectly fine, just as good as having them with the black bars.
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