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Originally Posted by Pecker View Post
With specific regard to this comment:

"Since none of the money goes into the investment of preserving these films, it would be great if would-be buyers think hard before even considering a purchase from these dubious sources."

This is a valid point, and I will not be buying any further titles from them where the legitimate release is available elsewhere.

However, had I not yet bought The Third Man I'd still be buying the Studio 4K version, for the simple reason that the fullest implication of the above doesn't really apply.

I've already bought the SC version, and if I buy a used copy of the Criterion version not a penny would go towards film restoration, either. Steve W
You seem to "forget" (or should I say conveniently ignore ?) that buying an illegal product IN EVERY case causes damage not only to the owner in any case but also the proper preservation of the elements for which money is needed, especially when it comes to the aspect of film restoration and preservation. Money spent on pirate copies on the other hand may make things convenient for you but merely fills the pockets of those, who have only one objective: keeping every cent of what they DO NOT OWN. And you co-finance that rip-off, just so you can save a couple of bucks.

And as for your "argument re: used Criterion: one: you did not buy a used Criterion nor do/did you have the intention, two: Criterion did not share their master(s) with the bootleg company, and three: a used copy of the Criterion Blu-ray would have contributed to the preservation (I did say preservation, not restoration), indeed, as the first buyer would have done so with his/her [legal] purchase.