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Default Projector Screen Over TV

I apologize if this is in the wrong forum section.

I am currently taking a second theater room and converting it to a Home Theater room and have decided I am going to keep my LG 70" 4K LED TV and would like to mount a pull-down or motorized drop-down projector screen in front of it. I know alot of these screens are not good for short throw or ultra short throw projectors. I am currently looking at buying one of either a Epson 2100, or an Epson 2150. I have also looked at a couple Ben Q or Optima projectors. I am curious if any of you have done this and what screen you purchased. I am looking for a 120 - 135 inch screen and have been looking at the Elite Screen projector screens but didn't know if I was missing some other brand that was a good choice as well.

In case anyone is curious the reason I am keeping the tv is because I am not interested in buying a 4K projector (prices are still higher than my wife will let me go) so since I would like to have 4K for gaming and some movies I am keeping the tv. The projector is for nights when we want to watch sports or a movie with the kids.
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