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Originally Posted by f451 View Post
How much more does it cost a manufacturer to make a 3D set as opposed to 2D?9
I'd say somewhere around $50: Cost of the additional equipment that went into the TV and the licensing fees

I had my LG 47LW5600, repaired once and its still functioning. I had hoped to pick up a 3D LG OLED but that plan went south a couple years back. I'm left with Craigslist for new used tv. Why the heck did they pull 3D when writing 4K specs? Geez.
Ultra HD Blu-ray is all about "4K" resolution (along with HDR and WCG). 3D forces the resolution to be half: 2K.

Consumers didn't like having to wear glasses to watch 3D in their homes. In movie theaters they were comfortable with them (those that go to see 3D movies) because there are no distractions. You are there to watch a movie and nothing else.
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