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Default 3D in home is NOT dead.

Originally Posted by Insaneg0d View Post
Hey All,

Maybe this has already been answered so, I apologize for the repetition. That said...Why do they continue to make 3D Discs if they've stopped making 3D TV's? I get that they might be catering to consumers who already have 3D TV's...however, I find it odd that there are so many movies that are released in the theater in 3D, why would they discontinue creating 3D TVs?

I have an 46" LG that I bought 6 years ago, and I have to admit, I get anxious when I think about this TV blowing out, knowing there are no replacements (other than buying an older, possibly used model).

They still make 3D capable 4K projectors. Small TV's running 3D is kind of silly unless you have at least a 100" flat panel. That is why home theater is the BEST place for 3D. Most of my friends are now running 150"+ projection systems with 3D in their homes and loving it. Flat panel TV's are boring and those are what should be killed off. But similar to your point, why do they still make gasoline engines?
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