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Originally Posted by Mirage29 View Post
thanks a lot big daddy it's amazing what you know
Thanks, but I am just a noob.

Your XPA-2 amplifier should be able to handle your 6-ohm speakers easily. If the speakers distort at very high volume, it means you are over extending them. This happens with many speakers and is not due to impedance matching problem.

You may get better performance, if you set the crossover of the front speakers to 60Hz-80Hz and redirect the ultra low frequencies to the more strategically placed subwoofer. Also, move the front speakers away from the walls. The mirage omni-directional tweeters need some space in all directions. Make sure all the speakers are calibrated properly and level matched. Some room treatment may be helpful.

Finally, don't turn the volume too high. Not only can you damage the speakers, but you can also damage your hearing.
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