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I would appreciate some clarification:

I just got an Oppo 103 and is paired with a Marantz SR5005 which has 7.1 analogue inputs but does NOT process DSD. I think I would like to use the Oppo's DACs.

Now the questions:

1. If I connect the Oppo to the Marantz's multi channel analogue inputs, does this mean I cannot use the Audyssey EQ, bass management, and speaker distance adjustment on the AVR? I know I can set the crossover and speaker distance on the Oppo, but I wanted Audyssey.

2. Besides the number of channels, does an AVR treat the multi channel analogue inputs DIFFERENT from any of the other analogue FR/FL inputs? Essentially, are there advantages or disadvantages to the multichannel vs the regular 2 channel (again outside of the number of channels)? I ask b/c for regular 2 channel CD playback, should I connect the Oppo to the regular "CD" 2 channel FL/FR input, or should I use the inputs on the multichannel?

Thanks everyone.
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