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I realize these questions were asked months ago, but...
Originally Posted by Kali157 View Post
I would appreciate some clarification:

I just got an Oppo 103 and is paired with a Marantz SR5005 which has 7.1 analogue inputs but does NOT process DSD. I think I would like to use the Oppo's DACs.

Now the questions:

1. If I connect the Oppo to the Marantz's multi channel analogue inputs, does this mean I cannot use the Audyssey EQ, bass management, and speaker distance adjustment on the AVR? I know I can set the crossover and speaker distance on the Oppo, but I wanted Audyssey.
Yes, that means no Audyssey or any other digital processing. The AVR really just acts like an amp.

2. Besides the number of channels, does an AVR treat the multi channel analogue inputs DIFFERENT from any of the other analogue FR/FL inputs? Essentially, are there advantages or disadvantages to the multichannel vs the regular 2 channel (again outside of the number of channels)? I ask b/c for regular 2 channel CD playback, should I connect the Oppo to the regular "CD" 2 channel FL/FR input, or should I use the inputs on the multichannel?
The regular L/R analog inputs get digitized, meaning the AVR can do all of the usual digital processing and it does the final DAC. So, any benefit of the Oppo's analog output will be undone. You can avoid digitizing if you set the Marantz to Direct. However, that would mean no bass management.
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