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Originally Posted by grod777 View Post
Sorry. I am probably not using the terminalogy correctly.
I'll use one front as an example. From the left speaker I am going to the left input on the sub then from the sub to the AVR. This is using speaker wire not RCA.
I have a Onkyo TX-SR705, Defintive ProSub100 with Defintive Pro Monitor 100's.
What does Sub to AVR with speaker wires mean? Does this mean speaker outputs from the front speaker outputs to the sub speaker inputs?

Your setup concerns me a bit. How do calibrate your speakers? When the receiver sends test signals to the fronts, sound will also go to the subwoofer. In addition, how do you set the crossover frequency?

I suggest the following:
  • Disconnect the speaker wires from the sub.
  • Connect the front left & right speaker wires from the output of the receiver to your front speakers.
  • Have one RCA subwoofer cable (RG6 double or quad shield) going from the sub out to the subwoofer LFE in. You can use a Y cable at the subwoofer end.
  • In the receiver's menu, set all your speakers to small.
  • Set the subwoofer to Yes.
  • Go to the subwoofer's back and set the volume on the subwoofer to half way point (no higher than 3/4 point). Also open the crossover frequency on the subwoofer to the maximum point.
  • Set the crossover frequency in your receiver's menu.
  • Initially, set the crossover frequency to 80Hz. You can adjust it later.
  • Run the calibration program in the Onkyo receiver to set the distances and adjust the levels.
  • Listen to some music or movies with good bass.
  • If the sound is too boomy, you can adjust the crossover in the receiver or adjust the subwoofer level. Refer to A Guide to Subwoofers (Part I).
  • If you are planning to add a second subwoofer, connect it to the receiver's LFE out with a Y cable.
This is the most common way that people connect their speakers with very satisfying results.
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