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Default San Diego Comic Con 2019

Anyone going?

This will be my 7th year attending. lot of my comic con buddies werent able to get badges this year so I'm looking for others that may be camping out for Hall H. I'd like to atleast attend Hall H on saturday as I want to see the DC panels this year in hopes that theres a Birds of Prey panel. Would love to see Mary Winstead.

I've camped out for Hall H many years and would swap out with others if they want to do somethign for a 2-3 hours that day.

Always up for meeting new Cinema Nerds

I do also subscribe to the FriendsofCCI forum but finding people on there can be a hassle.

What panels is everyone hoping to see this year?

I'd love to see Birds of Prey, Joker, Bill and Ted 3, and the new Hulu Marvel animated shows get panels. And of course Marvel is always a plus.
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