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Mcintosk, Krell, Mark Levinson, Adcom, Sunfire, etc. make excellent amplifiers. However, for home theater applications, nobody builds a better or more powerful amplifier than Cinepro. Some professional theaters use them.

Cinepro 4K6 MK-4 Gold SE (6 Channels)
475 watts-8 Ohms per 6 channels
650 watts-6 Ohms
800 watts-4 Ohms
1200 watts-2 Ohms

Cinepro 3K6 MK-4 (6 Channels)
450 watts-8 Ohms
600 watts-6 Ohms
750 watts-4 Ohms
1100 watts-2 Ohms

I bought the 3K6 models at a high-end home theater show in Orange County, California. It took two people to put it in the trunk of my car. It is absolutely awesome and I wouldn't exchange it with anything else.
I forgot all about Cinepro - they make killer amps for HT! I'm also looking at your sig - you have some nice vintage gear down there (Polk RTA-15's back when Polk was still in the High-End, 18 Inch woofers in the Def Tech 2000's, Carver amplification - my type of system ) Off topic - why did you go with a ML center channel and Bose 901's for the rears? (I assume you went with the 901's for their direct reflecting abilities - actually well suited for surround duties - and this is from someone who has no like for Bose, but it makes sense). But the ML? Does it stick out from the rest of the front array timbre wise?

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