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Default How to edit audio files?

I like to listen to anime openings and ending songs on my ipod, and since they are not available on itunes, I have to use a youtube to MP3 site to convert them to mp3. On my computer they all sound fine, but when I put them on my ipod there are some that the volume is so low you can barely hear them. Even turning the volume up in the car barely makes a difference on those songs.

I don't know much about audio, but is it the bit rate the reason they are so quiet? Is there a free audio editing program out there that lets me run these files through and puts them at a higher bit rate or something?

There are also some of the Mp3's that have like 20 seconds of a person's youtube channel of something at the end of the song, would like to know if there is a audio editing program that would let me cut off parts of the song (the final 20 seconds or so of some of these files) and re save it.
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