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To save yourself a lot of time and money, I think it'll be better to go out and buy your audio cables, that's already made professionally by an A/V equipment accessory manufacturer. Companies may use better quality materials in their products, that's not available in local electronic stores, to make their cables superior than homemade, DIY cables. The time and money that you had already spent trying to make your own audio cables, it would've been cheaper if you had bought them from a store anyway... Make it easy on yourself, just buy your cables and be done with it because, time is valuable.

Lol. I have plenty of commercial cables. This thing we do that we do not have to do , it's called a hobby. It's fun. Oh and by the way the cables I built last night work perfectly fine, and my total cost for the bulk cable and RCA ends is so low it's ridiculous. I'm building these for $3 each. The parts I souced are far better than most commercially available cables , say from monoprice,Amazon branded ECT..

Good try sh1tting on my thread though.
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