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Originally Posted by stevo View Post
Hi Remo,
You are so right the end of the day this passion that we have is for most of us a hobby after all . And if you want to build your own cables go for it. I myself built the same interconnect cables with Canare cable and ultralink RCA jacks ! I had them for years until I got a wicked deal on 4 pairs of Nordost Blue Heaven interconects ! Did I really need to change...probably not but they sure look cool in my rack ..Lol
Exactly, I didn't need to make these. It was for fun-enjoyment.

Originally Posted by solarrdadd View Post
cables look good, will be waiting to hear the results of these over the first one with the hum.

nothing like a sense of accomplishment when trying something for yourself, crafting it with your hands, skill and wit. succeed or not, it's a good feeling to have tried. having said that, it's going to be an even better feeling once you have succeeded and gotten that hum out.

please keep us posted.
Thanks solarrdadd. These cable workgreat, the sheilding works exactly as it should, no hum or any other interference. Sounds great, no change from commercial cables that they replaced.

Now to make the other 5 cables, might be a week or so before that happens. I don't have all the necessary colors of shrink tube to match the color codes for home theater channels, but they are ordered!
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