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Originally Posted by ZHobbs View Post
Gotcha, I've never heard of "roguelike" so I will have to look it up to understand how it plays!
Put in simplest terms, it's a type of game where you play through the same set of randomly generated levels trying to get through them all and beat a final boss. Die at any point, and you start over at the first level.

Some like Binding of Issac you start completely from scratch each time and just unlock new items that can drop on future runs. Others like Hades you unlock some weapons or other items, level up your character etc. slowly so that future runs become easier.

I've gotten to accepting I just don't like them as I get bored quickly of replaying the same levels (even with randomized layouts and enemies) over and over. Especially once it gets to a point that the early levels are easy and becomes tedious to play through them again just to get another shot at whatever level/boss I died on.
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