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Originally Posted by dmaul1114 View Post
Yeah I think this will be more like Hades or Dead Cells in terms of being a roguelike/lite with some progression both in terms of story being revealed in bits as you die and having some items, abilities, leveling up to make future runs gradually easier.

That's way better to me than the hardcore ones where you start 100% from scratch every run, but the genre just isn't for me as someone that despises replaying the same/similarly levels. I just prefer linear games were I progress steadily through new content/areas, see the ending/credits and move on and never touch it again.
As do I, but I still might give this a chance at some point. I may no longer get this right away like I had planned though, especially with March having Mass Effect Legendary Edition, Kena, and the PS5 version of Yakuza: Like a Dragon all coming out.

I'd honestly rather play all of those than this now, but I do hope this turns out to be another home run exclusive for them and then I'll give it a shot later.
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