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Originally Posted by KilloWertz View Post
As do I, but I still might give this a chance at some point. I may no longer get this right away like I had planned though, especially with March having Mass Effect Legendary Edition, Kena, and the PS5 version of Yakuza: Like a Dragon all coming out.

I'd honestly rather play all of those than this now, but I do hope this turns out to be another home run exclusive for them and then I'll give it a shot later.
Yeah, I need to finish Luigi’s Mansion 3, have got a bunch of stuff I want to play on Gamepass, borrowed Red Dead Redemption from a friend (loved RDR2, never played the first and from what I’ve seen it looks great on XSX as it got a boost for the BC version for X1X) etc. so I probably won’t buy many games the next few months. Kena is the one I’ve mostly got my eyes on, partly just to have a reason to use my PS5, assuming I don’t get back into Demon’s Souls. Going to give that a couple more tries before selling it off.

I love the Mass Effect Trilogy as well, some of my all time favorite games—especially 2. Just not feeling a replay right now. Other than RDR, whenever I get around to it, probably going to play some shorter games for a while. Finished up Cyberpunk a bit ago, will probably jump into Tell Me Why next (well along with finishing Luigi’s Mansion 3) and then some stuff like the Gears 5 Hivebusters DLC, Night in the Woods, Streets fo Rage 4 etc. that I want to check out. Also want to get started on replaying the Halo campaigns before Infinite it out later this year. I’ll probably grab the ME trilogy in sale later on.

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