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Originally Posted by jimidini View Post
Why not use a Wii U to play the games?
That will give you a direct HDMI signal.
You will have to rip the games on a Wii though to play them, because the disc drive of the Wii U can't handle Gamecube discs.
And you will of course also have to Homebrew channel the Wii compatibility mode of the Wii U.

But then you will even be able to play games using Wii U pro controllers wirelessly.
1) because I only have 1 game
2) the Wii U I'd about 4 times what I got the GameCube for from a garage sale
3) my real interest is playing 64 when it arrives.

Bc the GameCube and 64 share the same AV jack. I was find a simple and inexpensive solution that would apply to both consoles.

But I do appreciate the recommendation, that would be the absolute best way to do it.
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