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Thanks for the replies everyone. I guess I should have mentioned the GameCube was $20 and the 64 is free from a family member. Therefore I don't want to spend $80 for an interface.

But for discussion I still have a few questions. Does the S-video connection for that retrolink make a substantial difference over the $15 HDMI converter I got on Amazon? I'm still curious why there isn't a third party component cable option? Seems enough people know there is a market for it, I don't know enough about how they are produced.
One of the main selling points of the Retrotink is that it doesn't add any lag, unlike most upscalers, and its near-universal compatibility. But if you're satisfied with the results you're getting now, the difference between composite-to-HDMI and the s-video/Retrotink combination probably wouldn't be enough to justify the additional cost.

As to why there were never any 3rd-party component cables for the GC, I don't remember if it was a proprietary issue, or if there simply wasn't enough demand back in the day. Nintendo even removed the digital a/v output about halfway or so through the system's life cycle, which could also have discouraged 3rd-parties from releasing a cable for it.
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