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Originally Posted by JerryMaFNGuire View Post
Awesome job Hamilton Books! I ordered 23 titles, including multiple multi-disc sets - everything came in perfect condition. The box was a great fit and was well packed.

Iím on the West Coast and ordered on January 13th. I received my package today. Really great shipping time considering the USPS delays, the shipping service used, and the MLK holiday.

If this kind of service and packaging keeps up, I will order again and again.

More than happy!
Meanwhile on the east coast.... I placed 2 orders to be delivered to DC, probably 300 miles away, on the 11th and 12th. Status still showing pre-shipment for both, as is the custom the last few months. Hoping it's a *little* better than the 30 days it took last time. Come on USPS!
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