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Originally Posted by heavyharmonies View Post
Tracking for my multiple orders updated overnight. They went from "Pre-shipment" on January 14 to "Arrived at USPS Regional Destination Facility, SAINT LOUIS MO NETWORK DISTRIBUTION CENTER" on January 21.

So as I previously surmised, the parcels were never scanned in at the receiving PO branch or at any step until this regional hub. I'm not sure where Hamilton Book ships from; the address listed on the website is in Connecticut. If that is where they ship from, then the parcels went through numerous additional hops to get to St. Louis, also not scanned en route.
This is true, nothing new.
From the OP "All orders are shipped via the United States Postal Service. We offer order tracking via the USPS Electronic Verification Service (EVS) but the way orders are tracked comes with a major caveat for anyone used to location by location tracking. EVS offers far less scan points, and as such packages often will have only two to three tracking updates. Once when a label is generated, and after that the next update is often when it hits the Network Distribution Center in your state. By that point, the item is often only a day or two from delivery….but has crossed the country with NO updates. So if you are used to tracking your order point to point as it travels the country, please be aware you will be working with far less data than normal."
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