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Originally Posted by CptGreedle View Post
Yes, indeed it will be.
And I will be able to enjoy this WITHOUT the crappy ass audience members... all the teenage girls that text their friends on their phones in front of you with their bright glowing screens that BLIND you
all the boys that think they are cool to have their keys dangling on their belt like a janitor and have to make 5 trips to the bathroom JINGLING along the way
all the high school idiots that make racist remarks as loud as they can to other people and then get upset people shush at them only to threaten to bomb them
All the chit chat and chatter from the teenagers who rather talk during the movie than watch the thing we all paid to watch
all the parents trying to hush their child who is TOO YOUNG to see the movie but thought it would be ok only have to have their kid ask what certain adult words mean right in your ear

This, all in one sitting ladies and gentlemen. I will NEVER go back to the Reston Town Center theater. Once it is on Blu-ray... quiet! Nothing but me, my wife, some popcorn, and one loud, HD, big screen movie!!
When it comes to movies that will attract an audience like this, I go during the day on a weekday, or late at night on a weekday when they will be in school, or at home because its a school night. I AVOID the weekends when at all possible.
Because Calamari Marionette Ph.D sounded pompous, that's why.
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