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When he first started making videos during the Japanese launch I never would have thought he would have had lasting power. Just thought he was getting attention from being the guy with gloves that was one of the first to make Vita videos. But good for him keeping at it and maintaining viewers.

I actually would have thought he had more than 118 all things considered though. I am at 111 currently (And also have School Idol Paradise Volume 3 & Uta Kumi 575 on their way from HMV) so I could surpass him with a few more imports which I don't do that often. Japan has a lot more Vita games than we do and he does it in part to make money off his YouTube channel so he has more incentive to buy them than I do really. But really all that means is I am an idiot and should be making YouTube videos instead of being too lazy to bother I guess

Not going to lie this is me right now....

This could prove to be dangerous. Especially when I am still planning to import Bullet Girls (HMV were sold out when I ordered the other games and I only use Play-Asia for digital codes) but was going to wait for Bakumatsu Rock at the end of the month to avoid paying shipping twice Probably a good thing for my wallet that I don't know Japanese and have kept my Japanese imports to stuff that is for the most part import friendly (Dream Club Zero was a mistake without knowing Japanese but was cheap so no harm done). Still have not tried God Eater 2 to know but again as part of the Vita best collection it was cheap so no harm done regardless. Obviously won't understand the story but gameplay looks basic enough to play and enjoy without that mattering. Been too hopelessly addicted to Puyo Puyo Tetris since they came in the mail on Tuesday to get around to it

Digitally I don't feel like listing it all right now but it is a simple summary. Every North American digital only PSN release except for Magical Beat (US only ), WRC 4 (Imported the retail version from the UK) & MotoGP 13 (Imported the retail version from the UK).

Still surprised this has happened to me with a handheld. Before the Vita I would casually play a handheld every now and then but didn't care all that much for them. Then Vita came along and turned my world upside down. To this day even with the pathetic support from Sony it is still my go to system over the new systems, PS3 and PC. Damn thing is an addictive little thing Why must systems I fall in love with like this seem to be doomed though. First the Dreamcast, then the OG Xbox and now the Vita

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