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Originally Posted by benes View Post
Sure. I wasn't implying anything. But the numbers don't seem to match up. Maybe at some point it was going to be a single layer title and thats what he was quoting? Who knows.

Anyway I've added the info for BHD, KOH, and X-Men. The Fox titles have 2 interesting things about them. First they list the video bitrate on the back cover. I've added a new column for it. You can compare this to what I calculated myself. Again my method was simply to subtract the audio bitrates from the total bitrates. Feel free to draw your own conclusions on how accurate these all are now.

The other interesting thing about the Fox titles is that they use DTS-HD MA audio. I haven't been able to find any info on what exact bitrate it uses. According to their website it can be 2046-5760 Kbps for bluray. So I decided to use a number of 5000 Kbps. For all the other audio tracks I've been using what is reported by PowerDVD. Which has been accurate as far as I can tell. (640 or 440 for the main tracks, 192 for the commentaries, 1500 or 3000 for DTS, 4600 for PCM) But for the DTS MA track it reports a different number every time I seek to a different spot in the movie.

Also look for 14 other titles to be added soon...
Keep up the good work.
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