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Originally Posted by paulspencer View Post
The question is, what happens in a normal room? I've heard a suggestion that 3db rather than 6 is more typical in a room. Another thing I'll have to try out (not that hard to test).
In a typical home theater room, there are way too many reflections from everywhere and every room is different. As a result, I am not sure we can generalize about all rooms. I have never tested this in a room, but the 3dB assumption may not be bad.

There are too many obstructions in most rooms and it is not easy to test this. You need a relatively large room without too many furniture and other obstructions in it. Also, I am sure the typical $50 SPL meters are accurate enough to show the effect reliably for very short distances.

If you ever perform the test, please let us know about the results.
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