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Originally Posted by Ender14 View Post
I just operate under the assumption that alchav21 is a master level troll at this point. I find it incredibly difficult to believe that anyone could continually spout false information after they have been provided ample facts that disprove their claims repeatedly. Unless he's a politician, which would explain a lot.

If he's not a troll, then I have to assume that he has extreme learning comprehension problems. So assuming he's a troll is the kindest way to perceive him.
I don't know why you call me a Troll, I have been on this Site longer than you. I don't pass misinformation, everything I talk about you can look up. With my Telco background I know what I am talking about. I know it's been a while since I Retired, but the basics are still there. Data is transmitted in Packets with Priority Addressing and Time Stamps over Fiber connected to Muxes in Central Locations all part of the CDN to your ISP. This two way communication has to be maintained for the proper Bandwidth allocation.

I'm not saying that Bitrates are going to go up, but they can depending on what kind of Picture and Sound Quality will be provide to their Customers. Apple is the highest in the 30Mbps, and Disney+ will probably follow. You guys are right it's all about cost, but with so many Streaming Providers the competition will heat up and only the Strong will Survive!
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