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Originally Posted by Freakyguy666 View Post
Interesting. I assume comparing the “Forced + 16” plus 999 vs default plus 999, there was no discernible difference.
The last time I had company over for 3D movie night was for "Maleficent: Mistress of Evil 3D".
My son and fiancÚ were part of the audience and they were very familiar seeing 3D movies where I used Tweak 2.0 and Forced + 16 & "3D TV Size" @ 65".

I didn't say a word about changing any settings, but everything was set @ factory default with "3D TV Size" set @ 999 that night.

After starting the movie the first response I heard was a group gasp. Then my son made the statement: "The 3D is deep!" What did you do? And I knew then that 999 was a special find.
I use it for all 3D titles now for the LG Oppo combo and I'm not hearing any eye-fatigue complaints.
Everyone here seems to like it the best.

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