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Originally Posted by EddieLarkin View Post
Very interesting thread.

A few questions. I'm using an Oppo 103 with an LG E6. Which settings should I use, or are all applicable across both the 103 and 203?

Right now I have the Oppo on Forced, 16 and size at 999.

The LG is set to +20 -10 then Auto.

A question about that last setting. Half way through the thread it was +20 -5 and then it became -10. Why the change?
When "Auto" was selected after the Manual settings were set on the LG E6 = (-10 and +20), the totally optimized expanded point structure didn't change when desired focus, via "Auto", aligns at screen depth.

I'm thinking that graph point-structure changes are visually less-effective and harder on the eyes than increasing the percentage (sample rate) to 100% for processing the actual authored depth channel, through the Oppo 3D player's cpu algorithmic calculations, by using the Oppo's 3DTV Size set at the 999 value. And the LG 3D display is responsive to this... = compatible.

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