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Originally Posted by Paul H View Post
Recently I've only set "3D TV Size" to 999 and have been very satisfied with LG 3D results...
Originally Posted by PRO-630HD View Post
So are you now no longer making the +20 -10 auto adjustment on the LG, or Tweak 2.0?
LG display 3D settings are currently set at factory defaults..
Only the Oppo "3D TV Size" is set to 999, all other's are at default.

I'm enjoying getting accustom to what I'm experiencing, which will make it possible for me later to be able to recognize any missing sensual trigger if I get motivated and decide to test again. My curiosity takes time to develop.

Just got through watching Valerian 3D and enjoyed the 3D immensely. 3D seems so fresh with what seems like a new progressive flow throughout the 3D image. The same kind of flow I remember when watching 70mm film/(analog) 3D IMAX as a kid. I hope this lasts! And I need more people to make sure they're seeing what I'm experiencing.

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