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Originally Posted by Freakyguy666 View Post
give it time and I’m sure you’ll get around to testing it!
Tested LG's 'Tweak 2.0' with Oppo's 'Forced', '16', & 3D TV Size '999', over this weekend.
Originally Posted by EddieLarkin View Post
And what happens if both are implemented?
Does the Oppo 999 setting override the other player settings (Forced, 16) and the LG setting (20+ -10)?
Found that 999 does not override the other tweaked settings. It intensifies 3D depth where needed the most, like on the beginning landscape scenes on Alita 3D and Ready Player One 3D. Without the additional tweaks those scene layers are hard to recognize, looking almost 2D, and the audience is left with 'wanting-anxiety'.

The tweaks provide the needed layer recognition!

From my observations, just a lens-flair, artificially added at screen-depth, that moves as the virtual camera spans across the landscape, has enough depth-cue for the eyes-mind to contextualize the actual distance from lens/(or screen's) location.

See lens-flair in Alita in the following attachments, where I catch the flair in a black area at the bottom left of the screen.. It's a small round speck of light when using polarized glasses and looks like two specks when captured without polarized glasses.

Flair speck with glasses (bottom left):

Flair speck - no glasses (bottom left):
[Show spoiler]no glasses 1.jpg

Here is a more obvious lens-flair (in blue) caught as it goes across the screen, creating the needed distance to subject and beyond the window.
Ready Player One:

Lens Flair:
[Show spoiler]Blue flair 1.jpg

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