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Originally Posted by A Tortured Duckling View Post
It's not so bad, honestly. You're just not "allowed" to use the friends & family payment. The tricky part is being selective in whom you trade with, because selling codes is a bit of an "honor system" transaction since you can't test them before sending them to a potential buyer, so if the buyer were to tell you the code doesn't work you're left wondering if that's actually the case or if that person did use it and simply wants their money back.

Granted, this didn't happen to me back when I sold a few of my duplicate codes but it did concern me. I simply chose to avoid trading with new members or those without any trading history.
You can check your codes, just log out of MA or Vudu and type in the code. If it asks you to log in, it's valid on Vudu and MA. There's ways to test them, there's even ways with some codes to find out exactly when (Date) and what time it was redeemed.
Also technically the rules are seller sends the code first then payment is received. I've yet to be scammed on here and I almost always send the code first. Exception is a high priced code like say Bond collection or even Lord of The Rings 4K.
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