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Thing is you don't really own those digital copies and of course people are gonna say you don't really own them on your disc but you got it in your hands. They may save you space and clutter but at the same time they can disappear. I do redeem them and use them from time to time. But overall physical is the way to go in my opinion to collect!
Now that you mention it, I find it lame of people who don't care about this hobby to parrot that you don't own a disc. They often use it to justify digital account-accessed purchases. Yes, I do actually physically own that disc and the information stored on it. The legal disclaimers and terms of use make no practical difference. A studio will never come to my home and take it, so why even bring up that it is legally only a license? Speaking practically instead of legally, I possess that copy of the movie. If you agree with a law in a moral sense, that's one thing, but what kind of a goody-two-shoes lives by and talks up every silly law that is legally applicable to them?

This is what I mean. Just sneaks it in there like it's obligatory. "By the way, it's not really yours."
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