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Default CLOSER - Outrageous Title using AVC

Closer Blu-ray (Image re-issue)

Closer Blu-ray Review (Sony issue)

POSTED on THIS link :

A quote from their website:

"Wow. The 1.85:1 MPEG-4 HD image is so much better than the Superbit release I don't even know where to start. Gone are the little artifacts that plagued the earlier release, colors seem more stable and solid and contrast is much improved as well. I don't know if the old disc was that bad or this new one is just that good, suffice it to say I really don't care. This is a much-improved look for the film and I love the way it looks. While still not a perfect transfer in terms of other Blu-Ray discs, this is a very noticeable improvement and one that I'm happy to give a near perfect score."

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