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Hey Everyone, I have now had 6 of these and they have all had either bad paint chips or long scratches on the back. All of these came from Amazon. I understand alot of people have had a problem with this steelbooks condition and it seems to be a manufacturing problem. I was wondering if it seems to be an across the board problem or if it seems to only be the steelbooks sent out by Amazon? If I was going to try another is there anything I should know to give me at least a better chance of getting a good one. Like should I try the Asian one, or the UK one but from HMV. Just wondering because the damage cannot be seen without openeing it. Any help would be appreciated. THANKS
I too received a copy of TED Steelbook from Amazon UK with some minor issues, however due to the on-going inavailability, they say an exchange for a new one will not be possible unless they sort out all the quality control issues.

From my understanding, did some research on this steel and turns out not only one batch of these steelbooks that slipped through QC but more like every single piece.
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