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Originally Posted by Intamin View Post
I'm a proud owner of a brand new black Octave V70se with upgraded KT88 tubes and an installed phono, as well as a new Pro-ject Perspex with upgraded Blue Point Special EVO III cart!

I spent about 2 hours listening to the V70se hooked up to C1 signatures, with a project carbon TT ($350), a primare phono ($1200), primare cd, and ps audio pwd II($4000). I did a listening session last night, then brought the same music today. The only thing I can say is that everything was better, like night and day, and I'm usually one to not notice those type of changes. I've had a few amps in my system, and never once was able to notice an appreciable difference between any of them. With the Octave, I feel like I could pick it out easily, it's that good.

I did some comparison listening between the tt and the pwdII because I was up in the air on if I wanted a TT, and I really wanted to buy a dac for my system. I felt that the dac and the cd player sounded the same, which is to say it probably sounds the same as my squeezebox, as I've done several comparisons of my squeezebox with various cd players, including the NAD M5. The thing that struck me the most though was how good the TT sounded compared to the PWDII. I preferred the sound of the TT to the PWDII, and the TT was 1/10th the price. This made my decision to buy a nice TT easy.

I also spent some time listening to some cans, particularly the Sennheiser HD800s and Grado PS1000s. Both are good sets, and I preferred the Grados. However, nothing compares to being able to feel the music, so I'm thankful I can listen to a full system.

Finally, if anyone is within a few hours drive of Dayton OH, you need to make a trip to Hanson AV. They are great people, have over 75 speakers available to audition, have 3 great listening rooms, and tons of ectronics to try as well. My Octave should arrive this Wednesday, and the TT sometime this week. I'll be making a trip back to Hanson for them to set up and balance the TT, but once I have everything in I'll post some new pics.
Hey Alex,

Congrats on the new gear!

So I guess you've still got the C2's or you wouldn't be buying an Octave. Get ready for the money pit that vinyl is, some of the high quality albums are pretty pricey. I know have a stack of vinyl that sitting unused, haven't used my table in quite some time. Hopefully for you the novelty of it won't wear off like it did with me.

What tunes did you demo with the TT?

BTW nice car.

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