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Originally Posted by aces high View Post
Hey Alex,

Congrats on the new gear!

So I guess you've still got the C2's or you wouldn't be buying an Octave. Get ready for the money pit that vinyl is, some of the high quality albums are pretty pricey. I know have a stack of vinyl that sitting unused, haven't used my table in quite some time. Hopefully for you the novelty of it won't wear off like it did with me.
Yep, still have the C2s. Had a few low ball offers on Agon, but nothing serious. I was at the point where I was going to either get out of the hobby entirely or go full steam ahead. I spent this past week forcing myself to make time to listen and realized how much I enjoy it. I wasn't able to listen as much as I had wanted to in the past, but found that I could make time in the late evenings. We also got a new great dane puppy, and he likes to sit on the couch and listen with me. So I'm happy. I also hope that I get plenty of use out of the TT. I enjoy that it forces you to sit back and just listen. I find when I'm on my server I'm constantly looking for the next song to play. I hope that novelty doesn't wear off.

What tunes did you demo with the TT?
I did my back and forth with "Lonely Boy" and "Dead and Gone" off of the Black Key's album El Camino. I chose those for convenience, and I like them both. I also brought with me Death Cab For Cutie's Plans in 180g. It sounded great as well.

BTW nice car.
Thanks again! It's a lot of fun but still practical.

Here are two stock photos of the new toys:


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