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Originally Posted by awongus View Post

I would love to get my DD run signed by him, but that's probably wishful thinking at this point.
Yeah it was pretty cool, looking back I believe the con was in 1990 or 1991 in Portland. Dark Horse would put on a show each year but it only lasted for a few years, and they had some great creators attending it. Frank was not listed as being there but because Klaus Janson was I figure I would take my set of DKR with me. Mike Richardson remembered me and came up to me and said hello, super nice guy he is, and one of the other higher up guys with Dark Horse made the offer to me about Miller and when he asked if I wanted to meet him, I was saying to myself "Hell yes!".

I have a lot of fond memories over the years when I worked in the comic industry, another is spending about four hours with McFarlane at his store, and he telling me about this idea he had that he wants to publish and start his own company. He was showing me all these preliminary sketches and ideas for characters for what would become Spawn. We talked about his Amazing Spider-Man covers original art and what also would soon become Image. Todd is one of the nicest guys in the industry, he took an idea he had and ran with it and turned it into an empire. I will always remember what he said to me during that visit, saying "Jon I want to take this Spawn character to a level where it's a household name" and he pretty much accomplished that. I actually saw him at PAX a few years ago, he was doing a one hour signing and he remembered me and we hugged, the guy is just super friendly with his fans.
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