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Originally Posted by robert kaplan View Post
My sony xbr75x940 is losing "sync" with the disc machines (NOT THE GLASSES) during the 3D mode. It may happen once or twice during a movie; screen goes blank, sound flutters, but usually thing are back in order in less than 20 seconds all by themselves including the 3D. Have tried several different machines. Glasses do not even have to be in use. I have done both types of resets suggested by sony with no results. Any help or ideas would be appreciated. Thank you.
I had that same problem with my sony tv not to long ago. Donít no why it happened. But on my last 3D viewing it was flawless from start to finish. The movie was mortal engines and I was using my samsung glasses. But it has happened before with this same glasses. I did do a firmware update since last time so Iím wondering if the latest firmware update corrected something. Are you on the latest firmware? Another thing I do frequently is reseting the tv by holding the power button on the remote and having android restart.
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