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This is more of a one-off with Criterion branding, but it's not really a Criterion release. It's handled by Warner, and the same is being done in numerous countries. Perhaps it's possible that something similar could happen with other Netflix titles down the road too, like The Irishman, and Marriage Story.
I guess that is true. It was just really exciting to see the cover art. But maybe there is a chance for more if this sells well. The other Netflix movies is a big possibility.

But I still think it's strange to brand this release a Criterion release if it's just a one-off. I mean the whole essence of the Criterion Collection is to build your own collection of quality cinema from all around the world. If they just release one movie this way it doesn't make any sense. And from a business perspective it would make sense to include more local subtitles on their releases to increase sales around the world.
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