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Originally Posted by rohanski View Post
Have narrowed my search for an HD camera to this one. anyone care to post any pro's or con's with this model.
Also am new to this so bear with me. Have researched the AVCHD thing and have my head around it. As a PC user do I need to get a speacial burner to be making Blue Ray discs?
As I understand I can burn a BR disc in my pc and just play it in my PS3. Is this correct or not? This area seems to confuse me at the moment. If I use Vegas software (or something similar) is this the ideal?

Thanks in advance for any response.
If want to edit you video then you'll need Vegas, etc...and decide what output you want MPEG, AVCHD, etc... If you DON'T plan on creating disc for other people then you can either get an external usb hard drive (formatted FAT32) and copy the AVCHD video to there and hook it up to the PS3 and play it or copy it to the PS3. Or you can also just copy the AVCHD video to a rewriteable DVD and play/copy that way also...

If you plan on creating a disc for other people then it complicates things, you may need to author the disc, etc....

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