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Originally Posted by desiguy2447 View Post
Sanjay you seem to have a lot of anger against EROS, and Yash Raj Films. Seriously tone it down. I fail to see that your going get anywhere with writing stuff like "DO NOT BUY THE CRAP BEING PUT OUT BY THE LIKES OF EROS AND YASH RAJ"
Considering that I never buy pirated DVDs it is very frustrating to be dished out subpar quality with superimposed logos, forced advertisements in return for my money. It is even more frustrating when at times you see pirated material that is actually far superior to the so called origianls form the likes of Eros & Yash Raj. The end result is that friends who simply download for free get a far superior product while I feel stupid time and time again for having spent my money on DVDs that are of subpar quality.
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