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Originally Posted by Harvey Dent View Post
I am a little surprised by this post here. Though you are absolutely entitled to your opinion on Agneepath , both new and old, a little bit of checking of facts before you posted would have helped.

If you did dig a little more you would have realised both the movie Agneepath and Mr. Bachchan's performance has gained a cult status in the Indian home video market and hence a remake was always on the cards.

As for the absolute worst performance of Amitabh, again if you had checked your facts , he did get a National Award for his performance in the movie. And ,now please dont be derisive about the national awards and do accord them their due importance .
I am glad you at least accorded me the privilege of my own opinion. In my opinion and I must clarify again, I don't really remember much of the original movie other than what I had thought of it and Amitabh's performance in it back then, both the movie and Amitabh's performance were way over the top. But then again, most Indians seem to love over the top performances and thus it is easy to see how it garnered a cult following. But that still does not change the fact, that his performance was bad, in MY opinion back then. I don't actually remember anything to form or have an opinion now.

As for the 'national' awards, why should I not be derisive of them? They maybe better than all the other plethora of awards in India, but they too have been quite politicized from before the release of Agneepath. Amitabh's political influence and proximity to the Gandhi's back then is a publicly known fact. By the way, even the likes of Ajay Devgun, or is it 'Devgn' now a days, has won the National award twice. Thus, there isn't any reason why I or anyone else couldn't be derisive of the 'National' awards. Saif Ali Khan too was quite derisive of the National Awards, when he himself won it for 'Hum Tum'.

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