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Freakman i agree with you, Agneepath was a very well done movie, the acting by Sanjay dutt and Hrithik roshan, was very stellar, it was from the soul and reached new heights for both these actors, the movie should not be dismissed the way it is, but remember it is only two opinions amongst many, If you look at the world thru black glasses everything looks black.
ya man your right just its just annoying to seeing in every thread that almost every release bollywood has on blu-ray sucks because only the "shitty" movies get released.

Im born and raised in america and am as american as they come and love hollywood films But i like bollywood films better, i have like like 6 of the stereotypical american guys and girls who started watching bollywood movie who enjoy them more than most of the hollywood movies these days, but indians who have come from india act like they have such high taste in cinema and how bollywood actors sucks. lol they at like they are masters of cinema yet they praise the shittiest hollywood movies. To them its a crime when a film like is a blockbuster but it makes sense when transformers or twilight is a blockbuster.

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