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Apologies for the late reply. In fact over a few months, all my equipment has been upgraded. This includes a new 4K 43 inch Samsung TV and my first soundbar, a Yamaha. Do I even have to say everything is awesome? And yes, the soundbar does it's job extremely well, and even helps old mono like DBZ! Where before I just wondered if it would help improve just a few things in my collection, now it was a REALLY good idea to have something for sound for this TV! Don't get me wrong! The picture is the best of the best! Practically impossible! But these days I hear plenty of comments about the need for audio equipment because you're expected to get some as today's flat TVs are built to do the job of the picture.

All this is true! And now I'm outrageously happy because I'm getting the whole presentation I always wished for! The image is what your looking for, the sound is more than I could have expected, I have my entire collection to run through it, and I'll be getting other fantastic movies I was already anticipating like Kamen Rider Revice! All these things make my collection and equipment invaluable!

Additionally, my new TV is said to display "100% of available color", and it shows! Before this there were shades of colors I had never seen on a screen, so for a million reasons, I'm delighted!
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